Document Messenger

Document Messenger allows Organisations to electronically correspond with their clients online in a safe and secure environment. Email does not provide the privacy or security required when sending sensitive information to clients.

As well as Financial Services, our system can cater for a wide range of businesses such as legal, accountancy, aerospace, pharmaceutical and medical.


Simple Solution

Simple Solution

No need to download software.
Easy for clients and staff to use



Suitable for large or small firms.
From single user up to 1000+ users

Low Cost

Low cost

Small firm packages available.
Free for clients to use.

How does Document Messenger work ?

Document Messenger automatically encrypts and decrypts messages and documents directly sent between you and your clients. Encryption basically scrambles the data with complex mathematical transformations so it’s only readable by the intended recipient using the correct password.

This allows firms to safely send sensitive information such as valuations, statements and client specific information.

What are the benefits of Document Messenger ?

  • Simple solution. No need to download software.
  • Each firm has their own branded portal.
  • Mobile friendly. Available on desktop, phone and tablet.
  • Easy to setup staff and clients.
  • UK based with a background in Financial Services.
  • No need to change or amend existing email solution.
  • One time password for users and clients.
  • Email friendly messages with ‘drag & drop’ documents.
  • Scalable. Available for single user up to 1000+ users.
  • Free for clients to use.

What are the benefits of Document Messenger?

Why has Document Messenger been developed ?

Even before the advent of GDPR, it’s fair to say regulators and authorities would expect firms to take the necessary steps to ensure communications between firms and clients are secure.

Document Messenger is a fully encrypted message & document transfer system and provides you with the essential confidence when corresponding with your clients online.

With a long background in Financial Services we wanted to provide a simple solution that can be easily utilised by clients, intermediaries, product and service providers.

Why has Document Messenger been developed ?

What about the technical stuff ?

  • Data encrypted through 256-bit Advanced Encryption, Standard (AES) encryption - one of the strongest block ciphers available in the world.
  • In transit, TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocols are used that provide data encryption and authentication between browser and server.
  • Secure login via OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 protocols.
  • Account confirmation via email and password recovery facilities.

Contact us to find out more about Document Messenger. Email encryption for Financial Services. Safeguard online messages and documents between you and your clients. Send documents securely online.

What do our customers think ?

"love the layout - really clear"

"I'm finding the system really good and the clients are very receptive"

"I would highly recommend Document Messenger. David has been extremely helpful from day one and has continued to provide me with valuable support when needed."

"Very good product and very easy to use. David was very helpful and took the time to explain my options and was very responsive to my needs & questions."

"Excellent easy to use system at a reasonable price."

Happy Customers

Sounds good!

How do I find out more or place an order ?

Please enquire and one of our team with be in touch.