Terms & Conditions

Document Messenger allows Organisations to electronically correspond with their clients online in a safe and secure environment.

What are the costs

The costs below are per firm:

Charges subject to VAT
Number of staff Set Up Costs Monthly Charge
1 - 5 Free £29
6 - 10 £395 £59
11 - 25 £795 £99
26 - 50 £1495 £199

Your subscription can only be used by the named firm (subscriber). Your subscription cannot be shared with any third party firms. Shared use of a licence is prohibited. Note we have a fair use policy. Your standard licence does not have a cap on the usage however we reserve the right to either cease or re-negotiate subscription costings should we feel the usage exceeds what is expected.

What is the minimum subscription period

Our minimum subscription is 12 months. Thereafter your subscription becomes a rolling 30 day contract.

Usernames and Passwords

The system will automatically prompt subscribers, staff and clients to set their own passwords. You are responsible for keeping secure all usernames and passwords provided to you in connection with the use of Document Messenger.

What notice period is required to stop my subscription?

We require 30 days’ notice to stop your subscription once your first 12 months period has elapsed.

Full Terms & Conditions

Our full terms & conditions are viewable here as a separate document..
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